Family law issues place significant stress on you and every member of your family. There are so many details that need to be considered - from custody and parenting time, to splitting up property and debts, and everything in between. If some are overlooked, or if one of the many applicable laws or procedures are not followed correctly, you could run into serious problems or be taken advantage of. Proper legal counsel and defense at this daunting time is a must.

At Wright Law, we personally understand how confusing this time is for you. We are ready to help with serious, compassionate legal guidance.



Divorce can be a confusing, stressful, and daunting process. It is not only complicated, but also emotionally taxing. If you are confused or worried about the divorce you are facing, learning your rights and options in Michigan will help you and your family

CHILD custody and parenting time

Children are our primary concern when it comes to planning a divorce. While a child needs each of her parents, sometimes deciding the timing and structure of things can be complicated. At Wright Law, we take our role in helping you shape your child's future seriously.


There is no greater gift you can give than to open your home to a child. There are many routes to adopting a child in Michigan. If you know the child, either as a stepparent or as a family friend, it will be important for you to follow court procedures for your stepparent adoption or direct placement adoption.

child support

In Michigan, courts will make all decisions in light of the "best interests of the child." This includes establishing support payments to ensure that each child's basic needs are are provided for. The Michigan Child Support Formula is the guideline that the court will use as a guideline to determine what payments will be made and which parent will make them. It is important to have an attorney who understands this process to make sure payments are figured correctly and fairly.


Nuptial Agreements

There are two kinds of nuptial agreements: prenuptial and postnuptial. Most people understand what a "prenup" is - it's the "who gets what" agreement made before a marriage. A prenuptial agreement can reduce the stress before a marriage by taking the focus off of your assets and putting it onto your relationship. In other words, it's like saying, "This is what will happen to our stuff if we split up someday. Unfortunately, it could happen. Let's just worry about us now to make sure it doesn't."