What is an Estate Plan and why do you need one?

Chances are, you have been told that you need an Estate Plan. Someone with great intentions told you to get one, but probably left it at that. Or maybe you heard that you need a will, or that you should "avoid probate at all costs." It's hard to know where to begin.

It's all about you. And it's all about them.

Your estate is made up of everything you own - your personal possessions, home bank accounts, life insurance, car, etc. If you own something, its in your estate. Large or small, your estate is all about you. You should be the one to decide what happens to your estate when you die.

When that happens, and it will to all of us, you probably have loved ones to pass along those things that were important to you. But an Estate Plan is more than just passing along your stuff.  An Estate Plan, when properly drafted by a knowledgable attorney, is all about the most important people in your lives. It can help you care for your family, in the present and the future. For example, you can decide who will take care of your children if you aren't able and how your estate will provide for them financially. Also, you can (and should) decide who will pay your bills and make your medical decisions if you're incapacitated - this relieves the stress and burden on your loved ones when the time comes.

We create a lifetime plan for you and your family.

An Estate Plan from Wright Law is more than a pretty stack of papers. And its not as expensive as you might think.

Photo by David Sacks/DigitalVision / Getty Images
Photo by David Sacks/DigitalVision / Getty Images

Your Estate Plan is our passion. We not only work with you hand-in-hand to develop just the right plan, we:

  • Include lifetime support for you and your family. You will never have to pay to have a question answered regarding your plan.
  • Offer an annual review at our office, included for no additional cost. We'll remind you when its time to stop back in for a cup of coffee and a discussion about your plan.
  • Amend your plan once free of additional charge, and work with you to keep amendments to a minimum. We believe that the perfect plan is also the most cost-effective one.