Elder Law

What can an attorney specializing in it do for you? Elder Law is more than one practice area -  it is many different fields of law that each impact seniors in a variety of ways. At times, several of these fields make an impact at once. An attorney specializing in Elder Law applies his or her knowledge and skill in these areas to best assist seniors and those assisting them.  

At Wright Law, our attorney focuses a large part of his practice on the legal needs of seniors and their families. It is important to consider the many issues that affect us as we age: our home, finances, healthcare, and overall quality of life. We look at the big picture, and help you keep your life in balance. 


preservation and transfer of assets

When a loved one enters a nursing home or care facility, it is important to make sure he or she is fully cared for. But what about that his or her spouse? We can help you or your loved one avoid what is known as "spousal impoverishment." Preserving and transferring the assets to the fullest extent allowed under the law is an important part of life as a senior.

There are many ways to avoid spousal impoverishment. If there is a way under the law, we will help you find it.

conservatorships and guardianships

We all want to live our lives as we see fit. Unfortunately, there are times when our loved one's decision-making abilities become impaired. This can place his or her welfare and safety at risk. If your loved one needs a stand-in to make personal decisions, like for medical needs, he or she may need a court-appointed guardian. If he or she has difficulty making making financial decisions, it may make sense to consider a court-appointed conservator.

Of course, a thoughtfully prepared estate plan makes sure that powers of attorney are in place to make these decisions in the event of incapacity. But when there is no estate plan, a guardianship or conservatorship may be the best course of action.

medicare, medicaid, and social security

Do you know if you have too much money or too many assets to qualify for Medicaid? If you don't know, it is important that you find out. Even if you or a loved one has been told by a healthcare provider that you don't qualify, chances are there are ways under the law to avoid spending life savings on long-term care. 

Similarly, you may be told that you don't qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Social Security Income. Even if you are formally turned down - in fact, especially if you are - we can help.