Parents' Peace of Mind

It seems like yesterday you were getting your child ready for kindergarten. Yet, somehow she's now packing her bags for college. You know you have raised her well to prepare her to be on her own. You even regularly quiz her on "What if..." situations she may not have considered. 

But can you prepare your college student for everything? And how will you help them from afar when you might not even know the answer? 

On-Call Advice for Your Student

At Wright Law, we understand the anxiety of sending your child off to college. Our clients have taught us the glaring need for affordable guidance and counsel for college students. Parents need to know that qualified help is just a call away for their young adults.

College Peace of Mind Plan

For just $250 per semester, you and your college student get the following:

  • One call per week to our attorney regarding life decisions such as entering into a contract (like a credit card), landlord issues, roommate disputes, etc.
  • Review of residential lease agreement
  • One attorney letter (to landlord, professor, etc)
  • Reduced rate of $99/hour for any legal matters beyond the above 



Issues College Students Face

  • Credit Cards

  • Underage Drinking

  • Lease Agreements

  • Landlord Problems
  • Roommate Problems

  • Grade Appeals

  • Pets

  • Relationships / Stalking


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